Years Of Experience

Here at Smokey Barn Roasters, we believe there’s only so far you’ll ever get in any pursuit if you don’t have genuine passion for what you’re doing. And what’s more, all the theory and good intentions in the world simply cannot make up for the benefit of long-term experience in the field. Having been established back in 2011 on the back of one coffee addict’s desire to convert his old garden shed into a high-end roasting house, you could pretty confidently say that Smokey Barn ticks both of the above boxes in spades.

As Brits, we’re naturally predisposed to gun for the underdog and there’s nothing like a tale of humble beginnings to both inspire and entertain. To say that Smokey Barn grew from pretty much nothing might be a bit of an understatement. A one man-effort born of nothing but a love for and a genuine fascination with coffee, it wasn’t long before this amateur home-roasting effort began making a name for itself as the brand of choice for those who know and love excellent coffee. Smokey Barn wasn’t created to seal lucrative contracts with big businesses of offer hundreds of mediocre coffee beans and grounds for public sale and wholesale alike, but rather to bring to the UK’s coffee-loving community a selection of wholly wonderful (and at times weird) coffee from all over the world.


True To Our Origins

So what started out as a one-man venture into the world of premium coffee quickly gained traction and became the iconic Smokey Barn Roasters of today. However, the one thing that hasn’t changed over the years is the way in which the business is run and what/who it is run for. As was the case right back at the brand’s inception, we still have no interest in selling out or going global just for the sake of upping the numbers. What’s more, we don’t employ salespeople, we don’t try to push products on people and nor do we ever…EVER…select coffee in accordance with its price. The simple fact of the matter is that if you want to taste mediocre coffee, you can head out to any supermarket across the UK and pick up about a million of them. By contrast, the sole reason folk started coming our way in the first place was to experience unusual and rare coffees they couldn’t get hold of elsewhere, so why would we deviate from things at this stage?

The fact that we’ve ended up in this position just as the UK finds itself buried neck-deep in its biggest ever love affair with good coffee is more a case of good luck than good management on our part. Unlike the majority of coffee bean wholesalers and specialists in the UK, we didn’t go into business in the first place in order to make the most of the UK’s newfound coffee culture – we went into business for the love of coffee and the relentless desire to try new coffees from all over the world.

And that’s exactly what allows us to stay true to our origins, regardless of the twists and turns in the coffee craze along the way.


You Spoke, We Listened

Of course we understand it’s not all about us…satisfying our own coffee curiosity is one thing, but it’s not necessarily the be all and end all for business. Instead, it’s what our clients and customers want and deserve that matters most of all to us, which is why we operate an open-door and indeed open-ear policy when it comes to suggestions. After all, just because the latest batch of Columbian dark roast beans is a winner with us doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to strike a chord with our customers.

Over the years we’ve been in business, we’ve honed and tailored everything we do in accordance with the feedback and suggestions of our customers – loyal or otherwise. Unlike most, we understand that the only way we’ll ever really be able to fully get a grip on what people want is to both ask them and listen to them, not just tell them. Sure, we’ll keep adding our own recommendations and exclusive coffees to the mix, but at the same time we’ll continue to base everything we do around what you’ve told us you want, don’t want and really cannot live without.

Some say they scour the lengths of the Earth for the very best products for their customers – we actually do it!


Good Things, Small Packages

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years, it’s that Brits have a real kinship with the ‘little guy’ and while there’s always a place for big business, we all know the very best things come in small packages.

You’ll never find Smokey Barn Roasters getting too big for its boots…that’s a promise.

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