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Sweetness How sweet the coffee is.

Acidity A pleasant tingle on the tongue.

Fruity How fruity the coffee tastes.

Body How bold/full the coffee tastes.

Mouthfeel The texture of liquid, i.e. watery or creamy.

Crazy How adventurous are you feeling?

Brazil Fazenda Pantano

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Super rich milk chocolate, soo sweet, also has a wonderful creamy mouthfeel. In milk, it's just more full on chocolate milkshake.
Fazenda Pantano
Yellow Bourbon
Pulp Natural
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A pleasant surpriseReview by Sheila
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First time we've had this coffee but will be ordering again. It's well rounded, complex, quite fruity, does well in our aeropress. It's a good start to the day without kicking you in the teeth. (Posted on 13/09/2015)
Deep and sweet....Review by CallumW
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If you're looking for a sweet chocolate coffee then this is one you have to look at.

I drink coffee as a flat white ... sometimes stronger, sometimes more milky and this roast makes a decent cup either way. Not every bean can carry it's flavour that way.

If you favour a more complex coffee then mixing this roast with another bean from SmokeyBarm will give you a huge depth to your final cupping.

Whatever you prefer ... this is a bean that needsto be in the mix.

Compared to other beans I've brewed with so far, this roast seems to hold more oils.
As a result I had to drop my grind slightly to prevent my machine from choking... which means I also get an extra 1 or 2 cups per bag :) (Posted on 30/04/2015)
Makes an excellent Flat White.Review by Andrew
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Smooth, Milk Chocolatey. The flavour improved over the week.
Will buy again and again.
I grind my own beans to espresso using a La Pavoni coffee machine.
The one where you have a lever. (Posted on 05/03/2015)
Deep chocolateReview by Helen
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I have been spoilt by the fantastic Ethopian Yirgacheff Rocko but this coffee is really delicious. As an espresso there is a lovely lingering aftertaste of dark chocolate. It's not the cheapo chocolate either, it's the good quality heavy on cocoa kind that means you don't need to eat to much. This is a really high quality coffee and highly recommended particularly at this price. (Posted on 19/02/2015)
Not enough stars available to rate this properly!!!!Review by JP
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I love, love, love this coffee! Have been using this as a latte base, quite rich so it's a one a day affair, but i absolutely adore this. Ordering another two bags as soon as I finish this review. My wife loves this as espresso shot in an americano too, really likes the smooth taste. Did I mention I love it? (Posted on 12/02/2015)
Galaxy Milk ChocolateReview by Smokey Barn Chris
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Sweet, creamy chocolate. What's not to like?? (Posted on 22/01/2015)

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