Rwanda KCRS Women's cooperative is a collection of Female run coffee farms found in the Rulindo district of Northern Rwanda. The area is well known for its beautiful sloping mountains and vast lakes that create the perfect soil for growing Arabica coffee. KCRS Women's Group farms are found on the slopes of high altitude mountains ranging from 2000-2500masl, allowing the cherries to ripen slowly and develop deep rich flavours and aromas. 


KCRS Cooperative has 600 female owned farms, of which are typically small family plots with an incredibly diverse crop production, including Beans, Legumes and Sweet Potatoes, this helps farmers generate more income whilst also producing food for their families. The ripest cherries are picked in the early hours of the morning and then immediately transported to the Kinini Washing Station where they are hand sorted again. The cherries are then pulped and washed, spread on raised drying beds and then eventually graded and bagged ready for export. 


The Kinini Coffee Washing Station is incredibly important to coffee production in this area of Rwanda, with many different cooperatives using the station to sort, wash and grade their coffee. The Kinini Washing Station was set up by the charity ‘A New Beginning’ in 2008. The Charity provides help and support to widows and orphans displaced during the Rwandan genocide in 1994. Around 1 million people lost their lives in a brutal civil war that lasted 100 days. Nearly an entire generation of men either lost their lives, fled the country or were imprisoned after the war ended, leaving many coffee farms completely deserted. Organisations such as ‘A New Beginning’ began to help families restart production where the  women take over ownership of the land. Rwandan women took it upon themselves to learn everything about coffee production, whilst looking after their families in the aftermath of unimaginable loss. 20 years later we now have an abundance of incredible 100% female produced speciality coffee from Rwanda; a true embodiment of struggle and raw female power.


We are super happy to include this coffee in our current roast selection at Smokey Barn. The background of this coffee and its continued production is so important to us, and goes further than just speciality coffee. KCRS Women's Group coffee has intensely juicy and sharp tasting notes that resemble strong Black Tea and a Gooseberry sweetness. Syrupy fruits and cocoa flavours can also be noted, paired with a slight acidity that really shines when brewing with a pour over method (which we highly recommend!). When roasting this particular coffee we find that a slightly more developed light to medium roast brings out the best of the natural flavours

Rwanda KCRS Women's Co-op


    Black Tea,  Gooseberry, Rosehip & Milk Chocolate




    Washed Process


    1800m - 2500m

  • SCA


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