Our Kenya Peaberry Zawadi is made up from farms and mills spanning across three counties of Kenya, primarily the Kamandi and Ndia-ini Coffee Factories. Ndia-ini translates to ‘river ponds’ in the Kikuyu language as the mill uses fresh water of the Gikira river to wash and process the cherries. The word Zawadi in which the coffee is named is Kiswahili, and translates to ‘Gift’! 


Processing in Kenya involves pulping the beans and transporting through sorting channels that grade the coffee via density. The beans are then fermented, washed,  soaked, and then fermented again for a further 24 hours. This process is thought to develop amino acids and ‘gift’ the coffee with full bodied flavours and interesting complexity.


Peaberry coffee is a mutation that occurs  where only one coffee bean develops in the cherry instead of two, creating a small pea-shaped bean instead of the more common beans with flattened facing sides; this pea-shaped bean is then known as a peaberry. One of the reasons why peaberry coffee is so popular is because their rounder shape allows them to roast more evenly and to absorb heat better, making for a smoother overall taste and fully developed flavour profile.

Kenya Peaberry Zawadi


    Raisin, Chocolate & Sweet Blackcurrant




    Washed Process


    Between 1400m - 1600m

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