The Capucas Cooperative is a collection of micro-lot farms situated on and around the Celaque mountain, known as the highest peak in Honduras. ‘Celaque’ in the local Lenca language translates to ‘box of water’ as the mountain is the main source for many rivers and streams in the country.  Capucas was founded in 1999 by Jose Omar Rodriguez and takes its name from the local town of Las Capucas in the San Pedro Copan Municipality.


The Cooperative is at the forefront of sustainable development and environmental campaigns in western Honduras, representing many coffee farming communities and their families. Over the years Capucas has provided its workers and partners with a substantial amount of health care and education including funding a GP to provide free healthcare for the community and a health centre in Las Capucas. In 2016 Capucas Cooperative partnered with the ‘National Autonomous University of Honduras’ to make university education accessible for the rural parts of San Pedro Copan, with a virtual classroom that is used by the entire community. The Cooperative is dedicated to growing certified speciality coffee, and this particular selection is the whole package, boasting Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance and Organic certifications! 


The cherries are hand picked at their optimum ripeness and handed in to the cooperative for processing. The Cherries are then washed, dried in a solar dryer and then transported to the Puerto Cortes Port for shipping. Capucas Cooperative was the first in the country to build a facility to dry microlot produce on a large scale with solar dryers, providing access to advanced environmentally friendly and sustainable technology! 


The coffee provides a light fruity and juicy flavour in the cup, showcasing those typical Honduras single origin tasting notes of ripe peach. The flavours are fresh and subtle and present a mild acidity and clarity when using brewing methods such as pour over and Chemex style filter. When used in finer grinds such as Espresso, the tasting notes develop into a Toffee Apple flavour with subtle earthy notes. At Smokey Barn we roast the Honduras Capucas Cooperative to a light/Medium profile to develop and balance this unique microlot coffee.

Honduras Capucas Cooperative


    Toffee Apple, Peach & Cherry






    1450 - 1600m



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