Our Honduras coffee comes from the Finca Liquidambar farm surrounded by 14 acres of natural forest in the beautiful and mountainous region of San Marcos.
The Liquidambar farmers started as a pioneering group of individuals that came together with the passion to develop a new 100% organic coffee on a fully self sustainable farm. Every part of the coffee beans they grow are re-used, creating their own organic fertilisers and composts, using their own natural water source and making as minimal waste as possible. This makes our Honduras coffee more eco-friendly and completely unique! This is also our only Honey process coffee! Combining aspects from both wet process and natural to keep the sweetness of the beans and the use of water in production to a minimum.

Honduras Finca Liquidambar


    Dark Chocolate and Sweet Peach

  • FARM

    Finca Liquidambar


    Honey Process


    Between 1000m - 2000m

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