Atitlan is both the name of a lake and a volcano, situated in the Sololá department of Guatemala. The lake itself is endorheic, meaning it does not drain into the ocean or sea, and is overlooked by three volcanoes, the slopes of which provide the perfect place for growing coffee!


The Headquarters for the cooperative are found on the banks of the Atitlan lake, since its creation the cooperative has grown consistently, aiming to be one of the leading cooperatives for innovative farming in this region of Guatemala. With help from Anacafe (the national association of coffee for Guatemala) the coop has invested in rural education for small producers, and provides access to sell coffee in fairer markets that recognise the efforts of their growers.


Guatemala Atitlan boasts distinct fruit flavours of Blackberry, Boiled Sweets and Raspberry, creating a beautifully syrupy cup. Through Espresso the rich Cocoa flavours of the beans makes Atitlan perfect for a creamy Flat White or Cappuccino, alternativley through pour over and filter brewing a distinct flavour of sweet and caramel muscovado sugar accompaines berry fruits to make a banging brew!


- Roasted to Medium.

Guatemala Atitlan


    Blackberry, Raspberry, Cocoa & Muscovado Sugar








    Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra, Typica & Pache