Ethiopia Beloya Kochere coffee is grown on smallholder farms in the hills of the Kochere district and processed at the Beloya washing station, lying just north of the town of Chelelektu. The Arabica plants are grown at high altitudes in iron rich soils, heirloom varieties are in abundance here providing a spread of genetic diversity and unique flavours, individual to remote areas of Ethiopia.

The Beloya washing station has two processing units to provide smallholders with a consistent quality for handling, washing, drying and cupping the cherries; using water from the local river system to wash their crop. Kochere coffee farmers use traditional pest control methods and organic farming practices that have been used in the area for many years.

The washing station itself has been around for over twenty years and is constantly expanding and improving its equipment. 12 fermentation tanks and 136 raised beds allow for lot management to ensure traceability; this level of quality is not limited to the washing station as the Dry mill too has laser colour sorters for detecting defects.

The red cherries are picked and freshly sorted before pulping, over-ripe and under-ripe beans are separated before processing and supplied to the washing stations. The Coffee is then pulped and allowed to ferment for 36-48 hours. The fermented coffee is washed and soaked with clean running water, then dried for 18 days to retain exactly 11.5% of its natural moisture.

Ethiopia Beloya Kochere


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