Tanzania Iloma Cooperative was formed in 2018, originally the Iyela Farmer Group, the association first formed in the Mbeya area of Southern Tanzania in 2011. In 2016, the group built a central processing station. The group’s new name, Iloma, comes from the villages of where the majority of their farmers live: Illomba and Mufaumbo. The Iloma AMCOS has contributed greatly to the community, helping to provide electricity in the village as well as educational opportunities for students to learn agricultural practices.


Iloma farmers bring their cherries to the station in the afternoon for de-pulping, a process that can last through the night at peak harvest. After de-pulping, coff­ee is graded in washing channels before undergoing a 24-48 hour fermentation. Co­ffee is then washed and given a further soak overnight, then dried on raised tables for 11-14 days. Our Small Batch Tanzania Iloma is made up of Bourbon coffee grown at approximately 1,850 meters above sea level.


The Tanzania Iloma is part of a small batch series with coffees selected by Swiss Water directly, Its hyper seasonal, highly traceable, and packed with incredible flavour!


The Swiss Water Process is a method in which unroasted coffee beans are decaffeinated naturally without using harsh chemicals. The Tanzania Iloma  beans are picked and soaked in a green coffee extract, where in time the caffeine transfers into the solution and removes it from the beans whilst still maintaining the flavour profiles. The coffee extract is then processed through activated charcoal to remove the transferred caffeine, ready to be reused again!



Tanzania Iloma SW Decaf


    Swiss Water




    Apple, Dark Chocolate, Honey & Red Berries


    1800 - 1850m

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