Our Colombia Suarez beans are grown in the Suarez municipality of Cauca Colombia, located south west of the Central Cordillera. Suarez boasts steep mountain faces, valleys and cutting rivers, creating an incredibly diverse landscape!


The area holds an impressive reputation in the production of coffee and sugar cane, as well as a gastronomical number of goldmines. The coffee here is picked by the smallholders with their families and neighbours and generally washed and dried on the farm, often at high altitudes on steep slopes, or brought to a nearby beneficiary for processing. It is then brought to the dry mill or cooperative headquarters for cupping, scoring and sorting for export.


Due to the many microclimates, faces of the slopes, and changing weather patterns, there is often fresh coffee cropping throughout the year. Global warming has seen a significant change across Colombia, bringing challenges to the area, earthquakes and landslides are now affecting the coffee farming areas, but the commitment to quality there remains incredibly high.

Colombia Suarez


    Grapefruit, Sweet Citrus & Milk Chocolate 




    1050 - 1850m


    Caturra, Colombia & Typica

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