Our Bolivia Femenino Coffee is grown by the women of Union Proagro in the Caranavi Valley of La Paz in the Bolivian mountains. The farmers are supported by the Cafe Femenino program, a foundation that provides women with rights to their own farms in areas where poverty and abuse place women in a traditionally lower status of society. The women of the Café Femenino Bolivia Program have successfully improved their coffee-producing livelihoods, their future prospects, and the health of their families and communities, providing us with this delicious single origin coffee!


It all started in 2009, when the women separated their coffee production from the men’s, created a women’s association, and started their own Café Femenino Program in Bolivia. Having their names on the titles to their land may sound trivial, but by doing so, the land remains with each woman if she becomes abandoned or is widowed, thereby providing protection from further poverty for herself and her children. Beginning from a place of low self-esteem and self-worth, the women of the Café Femenino Bolivia Program now view themselves as business women in charge of their own destiny. And with the control of their own money, they have the ability to funnel their resources in the direction of their children and their community.


Cafe Femeninos 42 farmers in Bolivia use organic farming practices throughout the cooperative, spreading over 88 hectares of land. Proagro produces amazing coffee, however, there are some issues with coffee farming in Caranavi Valley, like remote areas, transport to the mill and the port, and weather conditions. The majority of the farmers harvest their coffee, process with their own wet mill and dry it. The coffee is then dropped off to the cooperative, who come by each village every week to collect the fresh harvest, then the coop then delivers it to PROASSA exporter and mill in La Paz. There, coffee is manually sorted and then transported to Ariche in Chile to be loaded on a vessel.

Bolivia Café Femenino


    Muscovado sugar, Plum, Red Apple and soft Orange acidity






    1100 - 1750m


    Caturra, Criolla