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Sweetness How sweet the coffee is.

Acidity A pleasant tingle on the tongue.

Fruity How fruity the coffee tastes.

Body How bold/full the coffee tastes.

Mouthfeel The texture of liquid, i.e. watery or creamy.

Crazy How adventurous are you feeling?

Peru Cafe Femenino

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Our Peru coffee is grown on the Cecanor cooperative farms found in the Loreto region, a sparsely populated area along the Andes mountain range and surrounded by thick Amazon rainforest.
These small independent farms are run solely by female farmers supported by the Cafe Femenino program. Their aim is to end the cycle of abuse and poverty affecting women in remote communities by providing them with rights to their own farms and opportunities to inflict positive change for themselves and their families. The result is an incredible coffee and a new beginning for women all over the world!

Tasting Notes:
Pineapple, Mixed Nuts, Lemon and Lime.
Cafe Femenino
Caturra, Typica, Bourbon
Fully Washed

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