Great British Business

Let’s be honest – it’s really not as if the world’s greatest coffee ever has been or ever will be grown here in the UK…you can thank the Great British weather for that one. But at the same time, this doesn’t mean that you can’t make sure your own hard-earned cash doesn’t go right back into Great British businesses when buying the best gourmet coffee beans on the market – you just have to buy from a brand that’s British-owned, operated and proud to be a part of the UK’s contemporary coffee industry.

Chances are you’ve realised by now, we’re taking about us – Smokey Barn Roasters!

Smokey Barn Coffee Roasters was born on the back of two things – a lifelong passion for the finest coffee in the world and a genuine desire to leave the soul-destroying grind of the office to do something with a little more flavour. This makes us different from pretty much every other coffee brand you’ll come across in the UK right now as while they went into business to capitalise on the craze for speciality coffee, we went into business for the love of coffee – it’s as simple as that. We aren’t salespeople, we have no past history in big business and we aren’t affiliated with any other brands. We also aren’t controlled by investors, which means we’re technically able to do what we want, when we want and how we want it – which is of course to bring the most exclusive coffee beans and products in the world to your doorstep.


Proud to Be Local

Far from a large international corporation headed by some suit in a boardroom 4,000 miles away, we’re proud to be local and have no intention of straying much further. We’re still headquartered at King Street location in Norwich and are 100% committed to staying true to what it means to be local. You ask, we deliver. We find something we think you’ll like, we’ll take it even if it’s a risk. We get offered a job lot of ultra-cheap coffee beans a low-end supplier needs to get rid of, we won’t go near them with a bargepole – price is about the least important thing to us when it comes to selecting the coffee we then bring to you.

Having been part of the local community for several years now, we’ve been able to hone and refine what we do on the back of ongoing feedback and suggestions from our customers – regulars and one-off stop-bys alike. We never overlook the slightest or simplest suggestion when it comes to making improvements and nor do we shy away from criticism. You want wholesale coffee deals for bigger buys? Not a problem. A certain coffee type not really doing its thing? Consider it gone. Our passion for quality coffee is surpassed only by our passion for people – these two things come together to create the totally unique Smokey Barn take on coffee.

And might we add, a wholly British take too!


The World’s Best, Brought to You

Here at Smokey Barn, our work is never done. Quite literally in fact, for the simple reason that the vast majority of beans we order in are limited run products only, which means we have little choice but to constantly be on the lookout for the next amazing product to add to our collection. Of course, as far as our customers are concerned this represents a pretty brilliant way of operating as it means there’s always something new to come back and have a gander at.

Not into the Colombian decaf coffee beans we have in this week? No worries, chances are there will be something new and wholly exciting on the cards soon enough – just be sure to keep your eye on things. We also do our best to keep prices as low as possible, but if you’d really like your own café or coffee business to stand out from the crowd, we’re able to offer much larger and more economical wholesale deals if you plan on buying a fair amount of the stuff. We’d love to hear from you to discuss a bulk or repeat order – pop in or give us a call anytime.


Serving the Community

Thought we were only about the best coffee beans on Earth? Think again – we’re all round coffee-geeks with more to share than the average! In need of a little professional-level barista training? No problem, come to us and we’ll make it happen. On the lookout for some high-end equipment for your own café? Smokey Barn distributes Sanremo Espresso Coffee Machines, Grinders and Accessories as used in the UK Barista Championships.

We’re pretty much the only name you’ll ever need for the best coffee in the UK and everything else around it – get in touch for more information.

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