Fast Coffee Delivery

Here at Smokey Barn Roasters, we understand that when you order the highest quality coffee beans, you’d ideally like them in your hands sooner rather than later. That’s why regardless of whether you’re ordering wholesale coffee beans to stock your own café or just a few bags of gourmet coffee beans to try out at home, we promise to give every order we take our full priority and attention. We must have tried a thousand different packaging and shipping options since going into business several years ago – you can trust us when we say we’ll get your coffee to you as quickly as possible and in absolutely flawless condition every time.


Freshness First

We’ve always been firm believers that if you don’t look after the freshness of your coffee, there’s really no point bothering with high quality beans. Like any other high quality piece of fresh produce, the longer you leave good coffee wasting away in an improper environment, the more of its flavour and general enjoyment you sacrifice. That’s why we’re committed to following a quite severely strict packaging, processing and shipping procedure with every batch of coffee we mail out, in order to ensure that not a drop of freshness or fabulousness is lost along the way.

What makes Smokey Barn Roasters different to most other online coffee retailers in the UK today is the fact that we actually roast our own beans to order. It’s one thing to buy great quality beans that are shipped in lovingly sealed packages, but there’s always the chance they may have been roasted weeks, months or in some cases years ago…literally! They may taste ok, but the very moment you roast a batch of beans is the moment they begin losing their freshness and shedding their glorious flavours and aromas as result. The closer to the roasting of the beans you utilise them, the richer and more enjoyable the coffee will be as a result.

By roasting to order, what we mean is that we roast our coffee beans in small batches as and when they are required by our customers. Sure, it would be easier to roast them by the ton and leave them sitting around ready to be packaged, but at the same time would rob you of so much. We started out as a small local business roasting the world’s finest coffee beans to order and that’s exactly what we intend to carry on doing – a bag of beans from Smokey Barn Roasters is quite simply the freshest bag of beans you’ll find in the UK today!


Preserving Freshness at Home

Of course, once your order of luxury coffee beans lands at your door, it’s up to you to make sure they’re looked after properly. Not that it’s a difficult job to do, but there are nonetheless a few bad habits that are best avoided for the sake of pure coffee enjoyment.

For example, you may have heard that it’s a good idea to store fresh coffee beans in the freezer…and indeed it is. However, you’ll need to make sure that the beans are sealed securely away from moisture, aren’t able to come into contact with anything that may taint their flavour and are kept at a steady temperature that isn’t prone to fluctuation. In addition, it’s worth noting that grinding from frozen is not only possible but tends to give a better result in general, so it’s a good idea just to take out the beans you plan to use as and when you need them.

If on the other hand you buy ground coffee or grind the beans yourself, please bear in mind that you should only store them in the refrigerator if the packaging has never been opened – something that doesn’t apply to home-ground beans. Unless the packaging is still sealed air-tight as it was prior to shipping, moisture can find its way into the grounds and ruin the whole batch. So again, it’s a good idea only to grind as and when necessary, rather than leave ground coffee sitting around for days on end losing its goodness…which it will.


Taste the Difference

It’s one thing for people like us to go on and on about the importance of freshness, but in order to wholly understand the difference, you have to experience it for yourself. That’s why we always recommend arming yourself with a bag of fresh roast coffee beans and a bag of standard store-bought grounds, in order to carry out a little tasting comparison of your own. Suffice to say, you don’t have to be a coffee connoisseur to immediately pick up on what’s a colossal difference in aroma, taste, depth, body and generally gorgeousness.

Chances are that once you’ve tasted the difference with genuinely fresh coffee, you’ll find it impossible to go back.

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