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Sweetness How sweet the coffee is.

Acidity A pleasant tingle on the tongue.

Fruity How fruity the coffee tastes.

Body How bold/full the coffee tastes.

Mouthfeel The texture of liquid, i.e. watery or creamy.

Crazy How adventurous are you feeling?

Ethiopia, Djimma

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Djimma coffee comes from the Historic Kaffa Province of Ethiopia, the area said to be where coffee plants were first discovered! Wild coffee plants grow all over the mountains and rainforests, every Arabica coffee plant in the world is derived from this area of Southern Ethiopia. Kaffa province rainforests have been reduced down to 3% of their original size in the last 30 years, however a large rainforest conservation project relies on the wild stocks of coffee plants growing through the trees to save the remaining forest. Coffee production in Ethiopia is more important now than ever for the future of the country and its natural landscape.

Tasting notes:
Mango, Sweet Nectarine and Winey

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