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Fazenda Bom Jesus is a family run farm in the Alta Mogiana region of Brazil, renowned for its exceptional quality of coffee. The Beans are grown at 1,000 meters altitude with the farm boasting a surrounding of impressive nature wildlife reserve.

tasting notes

caramel / walnuts / dates






1000m - 1500m


mundo novo




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The family are dedicated to giving back to the local community, providing jobs and education in an area where a history of poverty is well recognised. Successive generations have been involved with the production of the farm resulting in a truly premium product and great discovery.

“Engaging to make a long-term positive impact on the livelihood and living standards of coffee producers.”

-Cal's coffee

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“Cal’s Coffee aims to inform and recognise the efforts of farmers in growing coffee. Keeping faithful to Brazilian ways can be noticed in the flavours of all our coffee and a reward to our farmers for their hard work. Unique micro-lots are great, but our goal is to give farmers the security to focus on consistency and the opportunity for us to change the traditional market structure for micro roasters and coffee farmers. Our Mission is to connect coffee farmers and coffee roasters breaking the chain of the traditional coffee market. A great grandson of coffee growers in Brazil is in Britain and representing his heritage.”

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