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Peña Roja or ‘Red Rock’ is a small co-op of farms located on the foothills of Mount Peña Blanca, in the western highlands of Guatemala. The mountain runs along the border with Mexico, creating a series of microclimates across its hills and valleys with perfect conditions for arabica plants. 

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tasting notes

toffee / almond / honeysuckle


bourbon, catuai, caturra, san ramon


1400m - 1700m






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Central America

Peña Roja represents real rural Guatemalan coffee, delivering deep Toffee & Chocolate flavours with an interesting twist of Floral undertones. Roasted to a medium/dark this is the perfect bean for a strong Espresso!

The coffee is harvested by hand, then washed and dried under the natural sun. The cherries are often dried on the roofs of houses that sit on the slopes and hillsides of the highlands. Further processing is then carried out at the dry mill that is located in La Libertad to prepare bags for export.

As a small co-op Peña Roja works with a larger union of cooperatives, Fedecocagua, to help market and sell their coffee abroad. Because of this they can maintain the traceability and character of their coffee whilst sharing the expertise that the larger groups have access to.  

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