This stunning Rwanda Cocatu single origin comes from the Northern Rulindo District of Rwanda, made up of numerous hills stretching like interlocking fingers across the land and bordering the Kigali City boundary. 

tasting notes

blackcurrant / plum / chocolate / brown sugar





1800m - 2500m




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Rwanda has an incredible reputation for high yield speciality grade coffee; due to two wet and dry seasons in the country, high quality coffee is available over a large harvest season and never fails to impress. This small country has one of the highest population densities in Africa and one of the very few countries with a female majority in government.

The Cocatu washing station was founded in 2007, originating with only twenty farmers and now expanded to cover 6000 small scale farmers. In 2017 the Kinini Washing Station partnered with the Cocatu washing station to improve quality control throughout production and increase capacity. The beautiful landscape provides incredibly high elevation in this area of Rwanda and the winding roads add complexity to the transportation of the gathered cherries to the washing station. 

2018 saw the renewal of the Cup of Excellence in Rwanda, the gold standard for speciality coffee worldwide. Consequently the Rwandan Cocatu gained well deserved recognition, receiving impressive high placing scores of which are incredibly difficult to achieve. 


from the roaster:

Our aim when roasting the Cocatu, is to not overshadow the punchy acidity and juicy sweetness of the blackcurrant and plum tasting notes, which make this brew so unique. 

When first sampling this coffee, we were blown away by how easy and instant it was to recognise the different fruits in the cup; the lighter roast giving an outstanding fragrant aroma.

This aroma is best experienced and enjoyed when brewing the Cocatu with a V60 filter and pour over kettle, and due to its natural acidity, lends itself to be better enjoyed black - Although textured cow's milk really emphasises the smoother chocolate mouthfeel.

The Cocatu gives us everything we want from a Rwandan single origin, and is another stand alone addition to the Smokey Barn roast selection; our aim being to bring you a diverse selection of what speciality coffee can offer.

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