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Sweetness How sweet the coffee is.

Acidity A pleasant tingle on the tongue.

Fruity How fruity the coffee tastes.

Body How bold/full the coffee tastes.

Mouthfeel The texture of liquid, i.e. watery or creamy.

Crazy How adventurous are you feeling?

Brazilian Fazenda Bom Jesus

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These wonderful beans really hit the senses with their sophisticated aroma, full body and beautiful tastes of Chocolate Praline, Caramel, Walnuts and Dates. Their delicious natural sweetness mixed with a bright acidity have made this coffee a firm favourite with our customers.

Fazenda Bom Jesus is a family run farm found within a thriving nature reserve in the Alta Mogiana region of Brazil which is renowned for its exceptional quality of coffee. Successive generations of the family have been involved with its production, resulting in a premium product which is a truly great discovery. The coffee beans are grown at 1,000 meters altitude making for perfect temperature conditions and annual rainfall bringing out those deep caramel flavours, paired with the natural process in which the beans are dried really enhances the nutty and fruity undertones.

A perfect Winter warmer!
Bom Jesus
Mundo Novo
Between 1,000-1,500

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