To make great coffee, you will need some basic tools. But don't worry, these need not be expensive. We have a wide range of products to suit all budgets, from Pouring Kettles to Cafetieres, we've got you covered. If you're completely new to speciality coffee, why not take a look at our starter packages? They contain all the essential components you will need with a little discount included. We thoroughly recommend you take advantage of these as you'll most likely end up buying all the additional components anyway! Let's be honest. Making a great cup of coffee is probably not as easy as we like to make out. If it was, we wouldn't have been drinking such terrible stuff for so many years. So, getting it right does require some effort, concentration and unfortunately, expense. So, as well as the essentials, we also stock some non essential, but helpful products that will make your love of coffee much easier for you and everyone else to live with! For example, have a look at the 'Bonivita Electric Pouring Kettle'. This product has made my morning coffee routine so much quicker and involves a lot less faff! Finally, we need to talk about grinders. Your grinder is the most important part of your setup. Buy the best you can afford. Generally, I wouldn't recommend any of the grinders that are on sale in the UK high street. They are cheap, mass produced low quality items. Remember, you're are a coffee god now, these are no good to you. If you are making just one or two cups of brewed coffee a day, then get yourself a quality ceramic burr hand grinder. If you are making more than that or want to start making espresso based drinks, have a look at our Baratza range, they start at just £130 and will grind coffee for all methods.
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