Frustrated by your lack of latte art skills? Well, today my friend, we're going to put that right. You have found THE definitive guide to latte art or specifically, pouring a roestta. I'm going to break the pouring method down into a 'step by step' guide. Plus for each step, I'm going to hammer it home into your brain so that it becomes part of your muscle memory. 

All you have to do is watch, concentrate, practice, then show off.

BUT WAIT! Before you jump straight into pouring latte art, you need to make sure your milk is good. This means well textured micro-foam. If you attempt to pour latte art with a big layer of foam on top of your milk, you haven’t got your milk right and you won't be able to pour any decent shapes. I will film a video soon on how to get good milk, but for now just use the other videos that are around on the net. 

Back on topic, I've put the most important stages in capital letters. It will help you in the beginning if you shout these out whilst completing each stage. Thus it becomes a habbit and you won't miss out vital stages in the future. Even now I still shout these out, but only in my mind :)

Okay so here goes:
Step 1) Hold your cup at “45 DEGREES!”.
Step 2) Pour into the “MIDDLE” of the cup. Check that the middle is actually the middle.
Step 3) Keep a steady pace and don’t speed up or slow down.
Step 4) When the cup gets half full, “DROP!” the tip of the spout right to the very surface of the coffee. Bare in mind that as the cup fills, you will need to lift the jug up again, very slowly, to keep pace and avoid plunging the spout into your design
Step 5) Don’t plunge the jug into the surface
Step 6) “GET YOUR FREAKIN WIGGLE ON!” Don't worry if it doesn’t appear on the surface straight away, just keep wiggling until it does. If it never appears then you haven’t “DROPPED!” the spout low enough to the surface of the coffee (or your milk texture isn't correct).
Step 7) As the wiggle waves begin to appear, slowly start to rotate the cup back from 45 degrees to horizontal. But always keep the pour in the MIDDLE of the cup. 
Step 8) At this point, you should have the base of your Rosetta sorted and the cup is now completely horizontal. All you need to do is finish the tail of the Rosetta by “PULL”(ing) the jug along the surface of the coffee, but “KEEP WIGGLING!”.
Step 9) Woah man! keep it all together, you're almost done! The cup is full, your Rosetta is ready for the final touch. Now, pay attention here because this part had me stumped for nearly a year. “SLOW!” your pour down, “RAISE” the jug about 5 inches from the surface and cut through the middle of your pattern.
Step 10) It's so easy right? Haha, if only. Keep practising, you'll get it.