Recently, the original inventor of the now famous and infamous disposable coffee capsules admitted that were he to be given the opportunity, he’d go back to the point he came up with the idea and make sure it never happened. A revolution it may have been for coffee lovers, but the system has been heavily criticised over the years for adding millions of tons of waste to an annual tally that’s already difficult to control.


However, all hope may not in fact be lost as a separate invention has come up with a brilliantly novel alternative that could solve the problem outright. Should Eason Chow’s invention catch of, it will soon be possible to enjoy the convenience of coffee capsules with absolutely none of the associated eco-guilty.


His take on coffee pod efficiency is quite different than the current system to say the least – his pods are coated in sugar and dissolve away to nothing when put in water. He took his inspiration from those ever-popular sugar-coated candies that pour out of millions of gumball machines the world over every day, which often come in a wrapper that can be eaten just as the main sweet inside can be.


Mr Chow’s idea is one that involves taking the coffee granules and first coating them in milk powder, before going on to encase the capsule in sugar to hold it all together. This way, when the hot water is added to the capsule, the whole thing dissolves and nothing at all is left over. By contrast, the conventional pod system utilises plastic pods with the coffee, milk and sugar inside which in turn must be thrown away with each individual use. ‘


And it isn’t just some pipe dream either, as Mr Chow claims to have already designed and manufactured a machine that can utilise his new waste-free pods. He spoke of being able to vary the thickness of the sugar in accordance with the other ingredients to suit all tastes, giving the idea broad scope for commercial application.


He basically said that the moment he found out just how much waste is generated by the current coffee pod system, he couldn’t sit idly by and do nothing.


'Droops Coffee Maker redefines the experience of processing coffee in conventional coffee makers,’ said the 25 year-old inventor from Singapore.


'The inspiration for the project came from the observation of how much unnecessary waste of packaging is made from coffee machines which use capsules,’


'This led to me thinking of how can the process be redefined and be fun,’


'I decided to adapt this (gumball) element of surprise and fun into the design and even personalising the coffee pods with different possibilities to heighten the desire of tasting different coffee types.'


The machine is still in its early developmental stages, though will, according to the inventor, sell for no more than the cheapest coffee pod machines on the market right now, with capsules eventually costing even less than their plastic counterparts.