A few weeks ago I asked a selection of independent coffee nerds to review our coffee beans. Here's just one of the many positive reviews that we got back: "Right, I am sorry for the delay in my review but I wanted to give all the coffees a fair chance. As I have mentioned previously, this company mean business. I have had coffee from all the usual suspects - and I would certainly rate my samples as comparable to the other big names. Rather than give flavour profiles, I can only echo what others have said in the thread, I'd just say that I found the beans very forgiving to work with (Gaggia classic, Silvia wand, Rancilio rocky) and even got my girlfriend in on the action - she HATES coffee - but had to concede that these coffees were 'softer and less bitter than others'; that is high praise indeed, believe me! I had the Dumerso, Yirgacheffe and Malawi Geisha beans. My favourite was the geisha - cute little beans, a lovely colour on the finished roast, and a great taste in both espresso and milk drinks (6oz). I couldn't recommend this bean highly enough and I am glad to see that this new company is receiving the kudos that it so clearly deserves - in my opinion. Can I just say a massive thank-you for allowing me to try them. I'm happy to say that you were willing to give your products away and ask for genuine feedback without bias - a brave strategy but one which seems to have paid off. A fair price, cracking product, and a genuine company. Thumbs up! "