Here at Smokey Barn Coffee, we’re not unaware of the fact that you have a thousand and one options to choose from when picking an online coffee retailer. What’s more, we’re also not blind to the fact that all of these retailers will be throwing every marketing tagline in the book at you to get you to shop with them.

These are things we don’t shy away from or pretend aren’t happening – we much prefer putting our money where our mouth is! So if you’ve been wondering what it is about Smokey Barn Coffee that sets us apart from the pack, we’d be more than happy to explain why we’re so proud to be in the business we’re in:

1 – We Love Coffee

Let’s be honest – anyone can buy an industrial quantity of coffee beans and call themselves a dedicated coffee retailer…it’s not a difficult thing to do. And this is exactly what happens in the cases of so many lower-end coffee sellers online today, though chances are they won’t give this away at first glance. What makes the Smokey Barn Coffee team different in this instance is that we love, love, love coffee – everything about it. We’re literally head over heels for the stuff and have dedicated our lives to creating a world-class resource for anyone that shares our passion.

Our love for coffee means we also know coffee better than most, which in turn allows us to source and deliver only the very best products on the market. There’s nothing random about what’s on offer at Smokey Barn Coffee – every last bean has been hand-chosen by us for reasons of absolute excellence.

2 – We Have Experience

You may have only just come across our website, but Smokey Barn Coffee has actually been in the business for years. It’s only with genuine experience that anyone is able to learn the ins and out of coffee roasting at a professional level, which is precisely why the products we offer are always a cut above the average.

3 – We’re Genuinely Ethical

Words like ‘ethical’ and ‘organic’ are thrown around so much these days that in many respects they’ve lost some of their authority. After all, it’s not like it’s difficult to slap a stick on a package and pretend it’s something it isn’t.

The Smokey Barn Coffee take on things however is quite different – we take ethical sourcing of products extremely seriously and are fiercely proud of our sourcing policies. We invest our everything into making sure that every bean we retail comes with a delightful dash of peace of mind thrown in at no extra charge – coffee really never tastes this good!

4 – We’re All About Real Coffee Lovers

Last up, we know there’s nothing worse than finding the coffee retailer of your dreams only to find they’ll only ship to you if you’re willing to order about a million kilos all at the same time. Yes, we serve the industry and yes we have some prestigious clients, but the most important people of all to Smokey Barn Coffee are the ordinary, everyday coffee lovers that share our passion.