Everyone knows coffee is right at home as an after-dinner beverage, but at the same time there are some gastronaughts who insist it’s the perfect tipple to sip with snacks.

Can coffee really be paired with food just like a fine wine?

Apparently so – and the options on the table aren’t nearly as limited as you might have come to expect!

Fruits with Coffee

For example, fruits and coffee may not seem to go hand-in-hand, but very much can. The trick is to stay away from anything too sour, but at the same time favour fresh flavours. Take for instance berries – coffees from Kenya and Haitian roasts are brilliant with blueberries while Tanzanian coffees come to life with stonefruits like apricots, plums and peaches. And Brazilian blends, you won’t believe how well the flavour compliments all manner of fruit tarts and plenty of pies to boot!

Chocolate with Coffee

Now onto a slightly more obvious pairing – chocolate and coffee have been very solid bedfellows for much of history and things are no different today.

Roasts from Indonesia or Guatemala for example are among the best of the best to enjoy with rich, gooey chocolate brownies – pretty much anything full-bodied will do. As for standard chocolate cake, think about stepping things back very slightly to a more medium-bodied roast or a bean variety with a slightly cocoa flavour of its own.

If indulging in a little chocolate mousse or perhaps a super-sweet chocolate cupcake, it’s good to pair it with a Colombian roast of medium strength.

For standard chocolate bars, milk chocolate is about the easiest as it goes with really every kind of coffee out there – Ethiopian, Kenyan, Sumatran and Yemeni however are among the very best. White chocolate is a little trickier to work with, though is right at home with Yemeni and Costa Rican coffees. Or if you prefer the dark chocolate side of things, try our equally dark roast coffees from Brazil or Indonesia.

Breakfast with Coffee

Rounding off with the most crucial coffee pairings of all, what kinds of coffees work best with the UK’s favourite breakfast foods?

Well, as a general rule of thumb it’s hard to go wrong with Central American coffees as something of a universal standard, but if you want to really get into pairing perfection, there are more than a few avenues to explore.

For example, sweet pancakes go down a treat with Kenyan or Haitian coffees, while their savoury counterparts taste better with Pacific roasts. If chomping down on bacon and eggs, you’ll find a Costa Rican blend of medium strength about the best of all.

Omelettes can be tricky as it all depends on what you’re planning to stuff inside, but with classic fillings like onions, mushrooms, cheese and herbs, an ideak accompaniment is a robust blend from Indonesia or Sumatra.

And if porridge is your tool of choice for the mornings, think along the lines of a much lighter Nicaraguan or Kona coffee to get the very most out of it.