The debate as to whether or not coffee is bad for you is both long-fought and will probably prove to be somewhat endless. There’s absolutely no denying that if you drink far too much coffee and throw caution to the wind, you’re going to end up with more than the early morning jitters. Caffeine abuse can lead to all manner of side-effects – anxiety, insomnia etc. – but that’s exactly why most of us aren’t unreasonable enough to go OTT with it.

Coffee in moderation is 100% safe – that’s the finding of independent and governmental studies here and pretty much everywhere else on Earth. In fact, there’s also evidence to suggest that moderate coffee consumption can in fact bring a series of undeniably appealing health benefits along for the ride, which for some reason never seem to make it into the tabloid headlines.

Here’s a quick look at just a few of the conclusively proven health benefits of drinking coffee in sensible quantities:

A Vastly Reduced Alzheimer’s Risk

Kicking off with perhaps the biggest benefit of all, studies have produced evidence to suggest that those who drink coffee in sensible amounts on a daily basis can reduce their risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease enormously – by as much as 65% in fact. Dementia is one of the most cripplingly debilitating diseases affecting the western world today and at present has no outright cure or wholly effective preventative measure. As such, to hear that something as simple as coffee can help preserve long-term cognitive health is the kind of news that really should not be taken lightly.

Cardiovascular Benefits

It is simply impossible for any part of the body or mind to be healthy without a wonderfully effective and efficient cardiovascular system. This means keeping a watch over everything we eat and drink along with taking part in regular exercise, but as an additional measure coffee can also be of value. Studies carried out in Japan showed than when an individual drinks on average two cups of coffee per day, they reduce their respective chance of suffering a fatal heart attack by up to 38%. This sadly does not mean that coffee can be used as a replacement for healthy living and exercise, but in terms of an additional preventative measure, it’s a pretty tasty one.

General Longevity

Some coffee lovers would have you think that the drink they love is the elixir of life and the fountain of youth all rolled into one. This may be taking things a little too far, but at the same time there’s no denying the evidence brought forth by certain long-term studies. Over the course of 13 years, hundreds of thousands of coffee drinkers were studied and the group’s respective death rate taken into account. When the data was collated, it came to pass that a single cup of coffee each day seemed to reduce the respective individual’s chance of dying by 6%. Up this to two or three daily coffees and the death risk was lowered by 10%, while those knocking back five cups were found to be a full 12% less likely of dying.

Defending Against Diabetes

National diabetes rates may be tapering off, but they’re still nowhere near ideal…not even close. Is coffee the answer? That might be taking it a bit too far, but at the same time there is indeed evidence to suggest that sensible coffee drinking can help prevent the onset of type-2 diabetes. Studies at Harvard discovered that those drinking moderate amounts of coffee over the long-term were at significantly lower risk of developing diabetes than those drinking no coffee at all.

Everyday Pain

The number of people that complain of suffering at least some degree of pain during their normal working day is quite astounding to say the least. Curiously, a study carried out in Norway brought to light evidence suggesting that coffee drinkers in the workplace seemed on average to suffer much lower levels of everyday pain than their non-coffee-drinking counterparts.

Weight Watchers

And finally, it’s long been debated as to whether or not coffee can help you lose weight, but think about it like this; why do you think almost every over-the-counter weight loss pill and supplement features caffeine as its primary active ingredient? It’s a scientific fact that caffeine can boost the metabolism and generally help the body process what’s put into it faster and more efficiently. This of course only applies to moderate caffeine intake and doesn’t mean that more is better, but to drink coffee sensibly while trying to lose weight really can be a useful weight loss aid.