Here’s a question – what do you buy for the coffee gourmet that already seems to have everything? You want to give a gift that’s in-line with their passion, but at the same time you yourself don’t share the same comprehensive knowledge about all-things wonderful in the world of coffee…so what do you do?

Well, the good news is that there are in fact certain bits and pieces that are guaranteed to be wholly cherished by any coffee gourmet and don’t demand a degree in bean-roasting to track down.

Here’s a quick overview of five of our favourites for Christmas 2014:

1 – Quality Coffee Beans

Contrary to popular belief, if you buy beans of the highest quality for any coffee fan there’s really no way they aren’t going to be blown away by them. You may not know the main differences between our Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Hunda Oli, Kenya AA Thunguri and Sumatra Mandheling beans, but chances are the recipient will. So instead of buying a generic bag of beans from the supermarket shelves, why not order something fresh, rare and fantastic instead?

2 – Coffee Memorabilia

If they’re really into their coffee in every way, it’s also impossible to go wrong with a bit of coffee memorabilia. These days, it’s easy enough to pick up vintage bean grinders, classic French Press jugs and all manner of retro bean storage cans for pretty low prices. Whether ornamental or something they can actually use, coffee memorabilia always makes a great gift.

3 – Drinking Vessels

Can’t decide what to give in terms of coffee itself? Well, you really can’t go wrong by giving them something to drink the stuff out of instead. Debate rages as to whether the cup you use really does affect the taste of the coffee your drink, but in the eyes of the connoisseur to use an inferior cup would be a little like drinking champagne out of a plant pot. Find a quality coffee cup or set thereof and you’re bound to make an impression.

4 – Accompaniments

You could also try thinking beyond the coffee itself to the kinds of accompaniments that make a coffee taste even better…at least according to some. For example, there are dozens of types of biscuits and snacks that can transform a simple coffee into much more of a ceremonious pleasure, while certain liquors, spirits and flavoured syrups can add a new twist to an old classic. Some purists might not take kindly to this kind of coffee heresy, but others can’t get enough of it!

5 – A New Machine

And finally, if you really want to go the whole hog and don’t mind shelling out a pretty penny, there’s always the option of a shiny-new coffee machine. If you shop smart, you can pick up a decent espresso maker for around £150, bean to cup machines start from about the £220 mark and then of course there are the all singing all dancing £1,000+ barista machines on the market. All budgets are well and truly covered, so it’s always worth considering the gift of a much-needed upgrade or perhaps a second backup machine.