We often get asked: "Why are some coffee's 'Fair Trade' and others are not?" Well the simplest answer is this: the amount paid for raw coffee depends on its level of quality. Low quality coffee does not reach a high price on the open market. Farmers producing these coffees consequently suffer from low incomes. ‘Fair Trade’ is a small charitable donation that is paid by the exporter to the farmer and the cost of this donation is passed down the chain, ultimately to you, the consumer. It’s not a lot, but it’s something. The donation was first devised to help these low grade coffee farmers live above the poverty line. ‘Fair Trade’ or not, we only bring high quality coffees to our roastery. Our cost price for raw coffee is many times higher than that of the low quality grades and the charity donation becomes insignificant in comparison. We pay a high price for superb coffees which enables adequate funding for the farmers health, working conditions, pay and education. The great thing about this is the end consumer gets better coffee and the farmers earn proper money (and not a charity handout). This then encourages farmers to produce better quality crops and we get even more great coffee.