There's really no getting away from the fact that coffee is a bigger deal right now in the UK than it has ever been. Of course, this comes largely down to the fact that we as a country now have access to the world's finest coffees and coffee products the likes of which were unheard of to most of us not too long ago. And what's more, the fact that decent coffee no longer costs a fortune doesn't hurt things either.

In terms of those who are really into their coffee these days, there's a very fine though very important line between coffee lover and all out coffee snob. Needless to say, those in the latter bracket rarely admit being anything close to a snob as far as coffee is concerned, but chances are that about 99% of us can spot these types a mile away. 

So, with those who wonder if they may be teetering on the fence in mind, here's a quick eight-point checklist that could indeed out you as that coffee snob you swore blind you weren't:

1 - You don't just think highly of your own coffee choices, but have started to look down your nose at anyone that doesn't follow your example. Or in other words, live and let live has been taken over by snobbery.

2 - You've ordered and drank coffee you weren't actually keen on just because it is either deemed fashionable or all your friends were doing as such. A true coffee lover will drink what they like no matter what the latest trends tell them. 

3 - You wouldn't be caught dead drinking a cappuccino out of a latte glass. There are some scientists who claim to have found evidence that minor changes in cup shape and size affect taste, but you know fully well it makes no difference to you personally.

4 - You spent more on fancy coffees at snobby coffee shops than you spent on clothes, food and other forms of socialising over the past month...despite the fact that you secretly would have been happy with instant.

5 - Speaking of which, when offered a cup of instant as the only coffee available, you react as if somebody had just presented you with a dead squirrel. That being, not very kindly.

6 - You have at least one coffee machine that costs more than a used car and yet you still secretly prefer to use those darned plastic pods. Either that or you don't know how to use your posh machine.

7 - You've stopped using the syrups you loved your whole life not because you wanted to, but because you were told it spoils quality coffee. So again, doing what you're told instead of what you want.

8 - You both assume and try to convince your friends that the more expensive coffees on the market will always be the best, despite the fact that you always have and always will prefer something simpler, cheaper and more generic.

Admit it – how many of these boxes sound a wee bit too familiar?