Calling all male coffee lovers – the excuse you’ve been looking for to invest in another bag of gourmet beans has just landed right in your lap…no pun intended!


It’s of course no secret that with every new study carried out into the benefits of coffee, the more we’re learning of its genuinely remarkable properties. From cancer prevention to reducing a person’s heart disease risk and right through to losing weight safely and more quickly, it’s pretty astonishing what a couple of cups of the good stuff every day can do.


Now however, new research suggests that there’s another not-so hidden benefit to coffee consumption that’s sort-of restricted to men, though not quite so restricted if they’re married. To cut a long story short, a study into the effects of coffee uncovered evidence that with just two daily coffees, a man’s respective chance of suffering erectile dysfunction flops by a massive 42%.


The eye-opening study was carried out by a research team from the University of Texas, with the intention of finding out if and how coffee could help prevent impotence and to what extent. After trialing various quantities of coffee, the team found that two cups per day represented something of a sweet-spot in terms of ED prevention, reducing the man’s risk by 42%. When coffee consumption was increased to three cups per day, the effect fell to a 39% reduced in impotence risk, which is still quite fabulous.


What was also interesting was the way in which the same benefits were evident in the vast majority of male test subjects across the board, regardless of their bodyweight or blood pressure. The only group that didn’t respond quite as well to coffee as a trouser arouser were those among the group with a history of diabetes.


Of course, the most obvious question after the one of whether it really is true (it is!) is why – why does coffee have such an effect on men?


Well, the team behind the study suggested that it all comes down to the effects caffeine has on the body and the way it affect’s a man’s ‘performance’. Caffeine is known for increasing blood flow around the body and relaxing arteries, which in the male body can lead to a marked reduction in ED risk. In fact, the effects of caffeine in this sense are not in fact wholly dissimilar to those of Viagra – just with vastly fewer side-effects and a much cheaper purchase price!


As for women…well, this particular study wasn’t looking too closely at female sexual response to coffee, though prior studies have suggested that libido in females can be increased with as little as one daily coffee. All of which goes to show that not only could sensible coffee intake on a regular basis help you live longer, there’s also a good chance it could save your marriage!


So really, what more excuse could you need for ordering up something amazing and sharing the joy with those around you? Actually that’s a poor choice of words…share it with your spouse or significant other!