Coffee – it may be a lot of things but rock n’ roll it most certainly has never been. More closely associated with yuppie and hipster movements over recent years, it’s not exactly been the kind of thing to replace beer and whisky in the hands of the world’s most iconic heavy metal merchants.


That is, until the last year or so.


Hot on the heels of one Aerosmith drummer who’s been spotted pounding the pavements promoting his own coffee brand, the rock legends that are Judas Priest have officially announced the launch of their very first signature coffee. That’s Judas Priest…launching a brand of coffee…the word ‘surreal’ just doesn’t seem to cover it properly.


There’s something of a reason for the idea as it’s all part of the festivities to celebrate the 35th birthday of British Steel – the album that propelled them to superstardom back in the day. Way, way back in the day. Dark Matter Coffee in Chicago has joined the aging super-group for the venture, which has apparently given birth to quite simply the “ultimate hesher coffee” or at least, so we’re told. The stuff will be sold via the Dark Matter coffee chain in the US, or via a dedicated website.


And it’s really not as if they aren’t taking it seriously either, as buyers will be able to choose from whole beans or a pre-ground version of the British Steel coffee. Of course, the move isn’t necessarily going to go down all that well with the world’s heavy metal contingency, but it’s probably fair to say that Judas Priest…and of course Rob Halford in particular…are pretty well known for wild and wacky antics.


It’s all a bit on the weird side at first thought – it’s not as if it’s out of the realms of reasonable likelihood that rock stars might put their name to beers and vodkas or even open their own vineyards, but coffee…? Well, it seems it’s more than just a one-off fancy as there’s evidence all over the world that java really is becoming the coolest thing to happen in the rock n‘ roll world since Jack Daniels.


As for his Aerosmith counterpart, Joey Kramer recently took to the streets of Maine in order to drum up interest in and support for his own brand of coffee which he’s called Rockin’ & Roastin’. Heading out in the public, he stopped off at a local college and gave the thrill of a lifetime to a bunch of kids who chances are won’t forget this brand of java in a hurry.


“This is the only way I know how to do things. I couldn’t just put my name on the coffee and sit back and collect checks,” said Kramer. “It’s just like with music, it’s about quality and about going where the people love you.”


“For years, on the road, I just couldn’t get a decent cup of coffee, so I decided to do something about it.”


“I love making people happy, and coffee makes people happy.


And there you have it – coffee it appears really is the most rock n’ roll drink on the planet right now.