Coffee has in general been getting some pretty fantastic publicity as of late, with researchers having both discovered and shared a seemingly endless array of health benefits. But at the same time, it’s also been made abundantly clear that this does not mean we should all be heading out and drinking quite literally as much of the stuff as we possibly can.


Instead, we’re told to follow common-sense in general and to keep coffee intake to a ‘moderate’ level. Which is all well and good, but given the fact that every last one of us is different, what exactly does moderate mean?


Well, experts have said that up to five cups per day will bring most people a veritable arsenal of benefits, but there are in fact several more factors to factor in.


General Health

For example, your general health from head to toe will to some extent influence how much coffee you should be drinking on a daily basis for maximum benefit. There will always be certain medical conditions that make consumption of caffeine a pretty bad idea on the whole, which is why it’s always prudent to speak to a doctor or nutritionist if you’re unsure about your own coffee compatibility.


It’s also been shown that your very genetics will play a role in the way your body handles and ultimately benefits from the coffee you drink. So, while it’s becoming clear that there’s definitely a lot of good in there for most, how much and in what form varies enormously.


How Do You Take Yours?

Something else to consider is what exactly you have a tendency to add to the coffee itself in accordance with your own tastes and habits. If, for example, you only ever drink coffee if loaded with heavy cream and more sugar than a litre of soda, chances are you’re not going to benefit from having five of them every day. So, while the general consensus from the research community has been one of encouraging an increase in coffee consumption, it is of course plain, simple and unspoiled coffee they’re talking about.


Caffeine Tolerance

There will always be those who can quite happily down an espresso right before going to sleep, while others take a sip of a latte and are practically bouncing off the walls for a few hours. Realistically, only you and you alone know how tolerant or otherwise you are to caffeine and it’s important to bear this in mind when contemplating what makes a sensible daily intake for yourself. The good news however is that in order to gain all those wonderful health benefits coffee promises, it doesn’t necessarily have to be strong.


Pure Enjoyment

Above all else though, coffee lovers the world over are reminding those swept away by the new guidelines to remember the most important thing of all - it’s there to be enjoyed. The moment you look at coffee as something your drink primarily for health benefits, it’s pretty much game over. If you’ve been into coffee for most of your life, chances are you’ve already been doing yourself a world of good without even realising it.


So really, there is no sense in changing your habits just because you’ve now been told it is indeed good for you!