Coffee addicts are always banging on about how anyone with the slightest interest in coffee should grind their own beans. By contrast, those that aren’t quite so wrapped up in all-things coffee often cannot see the point of putting in the extra effort when there’s someone else willing to do it on your behalf.

After all, it’s not like you grind your own flour or sugar – why bother doing the same with coffee beans?

Well, the simple answer is that there are in fact five answers, which are as follows:

1 – It’s Just So Very Satisfying

So right off the bat, if you’ve never had a go at grinding your own coffee beans you really cannot get a taste for how generally satisfying it is. There’s a ritual about the process that’s just wonderful in every way, from the grinding itself to the amazing aromas released and so much more. And even if you’re only willing to buy a basic hand-grinder, some might say this is actually the most satisfying way to grind of all!

2 – It Can Be Cheaper

Think about it – when you buy ground coffee you’re buying a product that’s been processed considerably more than when you just buy fresh coffee beans. As such, while it’s a common misconception that beans always cost more, it can in fact be much cheaper to go for fresh beans of a higher quality. So, in essence you’re saving money and getting better coffee – still need more convincing?

3 – You’ll Have More to Choose From

Well, how about the fact that a whole world of choice will open itself up to you? There are certain coffee companies and stores that refuse to grind certain types of beans for the simple reason than connoisseurs will only ever buy them whole. Even in a supermarket you’ll find dozens of types of beans to play with, so if variety really is the spice of life, then this is just the way to go.

4 – It Tastes Infinitely Better

Moving onto maybe the most important point of all, coffee you make from your own fresh coffee beans tastes a million times better than any coffee you’ve ever made from standard ground coffee. There’s just no two ways about it – the very moment coffee beans are ground down, they begin losing the oils and natural goodness that gives them their unique flavour. As such, if you were to use beans you grind yourself just before making your coffee, you’re preserving so much more of the good stuff.

5 – You’ll Have More Control

Last up, every type of coffee machine and coffee making method demands a slightly different fineness of coffee grounds to make the very best coffee possible. Some machines need super-fine grounds, manual plunge French press jugs need much courser grounds and then there are some that fall right in the middle. And as there’s no such thing as a bag of one-size-fits-all ground coffee, the best way to go is to buy your own coffee beans and grind the little beauties yourself.