Fancy learning one of the simplest and cheapest ways to make a cup of speciality coffee? Great! - because I've made a video guide on how to use the Hario V60 dripper coffee filter.

You can pick up a V60 and a set of filter papers for less than £10. Check our Brewing Equipment products for details. 

Step 1) Place your filter cone over your cup. If you are brewing multiple cups you will need to brew directly into another larger vessel and then decant into separate cups. Brewing directly from one cup to another using the same coffee will produce wildly different and unpleasant results.
Step 2) Rinse the filter paper with fresh hot water. This will remove any paper residue and heat your cup.
Step 3) Throw away the spent water and grind 14g of freshly roasted coffee to a medium grind (between cafetire and espresso)
Step 4) Add the ground coffee into the wet filter paper and form a dent in the crown with your finger (this will aid pre-infusion)
Step 5) Pour a small amount of water into the dent, enough to cover all the grinds and allow the water to be absorbed but not enough to commence extraction into your cup (you really need a pouring kettle for this, check our product store for details).
Step 6) After 30secs of pre-infusion begin to pour water over the grounds and begin extraction. Don't pour too fast or too much. Use the 'pulse pour' technique and allow all the water to drain through before adding more. Just add a little at a time, you don't want to create a swimming pool in there!
Step 7) Once your cup is full, you’re done! If your brew is too strong, add fresh hot water directly to your cup, dilute to taste. Evaluate the taste and refine your brewing parameters to suit, i.e. dose, grind size, brewing time, cup size.