Now becoming one of the most popular ways to brew coffee, the 'Aeropress' is a great way to make coffee at home, in the office or on the go. There are many various ways to use the Aeropress, this video demonstrates my personal favourite.

Before I go into detail about this method, the most important thing to remember is to experiment with your brewing parameters. For example, this method is how I like my coffee to taste, but Joe Bloggs might find my version horrible! But that's the beauty of it. Play around, find what you like best, repeat!

Step 1) Get everything you need together in one place. You don't want to grind your coffee then spend half an hour trying to find the filter papers. 

Step 2) Wet the filter paper to help aid extraction.

Step 3) Lock the filter into position and add 20g of medium/fine grind coffee (think sand) into the chamber. The finer you grind the coffee, the less brewing time is required. 

Step 4) Start the stop watch and add fill the chamber with the hot water up to the level marked '2'.

Step 5) Stir.

Step 6) Leave for your desired brew time. The longer you leave the coffee brewing the 'stronger' your coffee will be. The video says 50 seconds, but since recording my taste buds probably prefer around 30 seconds

Step 7) Plunge! Slowly and carefully. You may need to wet the rubber plunger if it's too difficult.

Step 8) Serve your delicious fresh roasted coffee. If you've made your brew too strong, you can dilute it with fresh hot water. I often make the brew quite strong so I can just add a little water to get it spot on.