When the time comes to put your home up for sale, there are certain things you’ll be looking to boast, highlight and embellish above and beyond all others. After all, it’s really no secret that while things like exposure to sunlight and transport connections see houses selling like hotcakes, noisy neighbours and problem plumbing tend to do the exact opposite.


However, there’s a new phenomenon that’s begun creeping its way into the real estate industries of the UK and United States alike, which can apparently influence property values to a quite remarkable extent. Apparently, how far the prospective buyers of the place will or would have to venture to pick up a cup of coffee is beginning to make a huge difference in terms of the price they’re willing to pay.


It all sounds a bit far-fetched, but in order to put some kind of figure about the phenomenon an American research group carried out a study. When Zillow looked at a bunch of homes and their values over a 17-year period, it turned out that those pretty much on the doorstep of a Starbucks had increased in value by 96%. By contrast, those in similar urban centres though not quite as close to coffee shops had increased in value by 65%.


What also came out as a quite interesting note was the way in which the actual brand of coffee shop seemed to make a difference to property values also. In this instance, those properties that were the proverbial spit-and-throw from Dunkin Donuts faired pretty well by increasing in value by around 80% over the same 17-year period, though didn’t come close to rivalling that 96% clocked up by properties close to Starbucks joints.


Now, on the surface this sounds like a pretty conclusive tale of big-brand coffee working wonders for the image of certain localities and doing their property values a world of good. However, if you take the time to read between the lines of the whole matter, all may not in fact be as it appears.


After all – what’s to say it isn’t just a case of Starbucks and the like choosing desirable locations with the fastest-accelerating property values and setting up shop there? Or in other words, is it property value spikes that are appealing to the coffee joints, rather than the other way around?


Well, according to the study’s report all evidence does in fact suggest that when and where a quality coffee shop opens its doors, local property values see at least a modest spike as a result. It’s not a case of things escalating year after year, but the proximity to good coffee and that all-important aroma wafting up the street really is a killer quality when looking to sell a home for the highest possible price.


Of course, how exactly this is supposed to help anyone sell their home that isn’t close to a coffee shop is anyone’s guess – it’s not as if you can just pop one up for a few weeks for the benefit of your home’s price!