Office Coffee

Efficiency and productivity at work are all about creating the best possible working environment. Which technically speaking isn’t all that difficult to do. It’s simply a case of thinking a little beyond the basics to provide those present with everything they need to enjoy their time at work. Or if not enjoy it, at least take some kind of satisfaction from it.

Which is why something as simple as a coffee machine can make all the difference to pretty much any office or a workplace. If you don’t currently have a decent coffee machine installed, there are several reasons why you may want to think about picking one up and putting it to use.  Suffice to say, it’s the kind of investment that has the potential to pay for itself in no time at all.


As already mentioned, productivity stands to improve in two ways with the installation of a quality coffee machine. First of all, there is the way in which things like this can be effective motivators in their own right, demonstrating to the members of your workforce that you genuinely care about their contentment and happiness. On top of this, there’s also the way in which coffee provides people with a much-needed boost when they need it most. A quick cup of instant is all well and good, but cannot exactly be compared with the energy jolt you’d expect from a high quality cup of real coffee.

Reduce Lost Work Time

The better the coffee machine and the quality of the coffee you provide, the less likely it is your employees are going to feel the need to leave the office to visit external coffee shops and vendors. After all, if they can get their hands on truly outstanding coffee right there in front of them without having to pay a fortune, chances are that’s exactly what they’ll do. What’s more, they’ll no doubt respond positively to the fact that they save plenty of money every week at the same time.

Impress Guests

It also worth bearing in mind the way in which premium coffee brewed using a quality machine is just the kind of thing that can impress guests and customers, just in the same way as employees. If for any reason any customer or visitor to your business is likely to be on the premises or generally hanging around for more than 15 minutes or so, it’s surprising how far a cup of coffee can go in terms of winning them over. Long story short – the quality of the coffee you provide and give out says a lot about you as a business.

Simple Convenience

Last but not least, the convenience of having a high quality, easy to use coffee machine somewhere around the office really is self-explanatory. It really is the very epitome of a simple change that adds up to a big difference in the eyes of the workforce. And given the fact that superb coffee machines and the premium coffee to go with them have never been more affordable these days, there is really no need to continue denying your own workforce the privilege of premier coffee!