Brace yourself for another delicious dose of coffee-related education from the people who just can’t get enough of the stuff! Chances are you’ll probably have heard a million and one things on the news recently about how amazing coffee is for your health, right? From cancer prevention to weight loss and right through to an uptick in sexual performance, it’s pretty clear there isn’t a great deal these little brown beans of joy can’t deliver.


However, while it’s pretty common for most of us…if not all of us…to reach for that most important cup of coffee each day in the morning, some science types are now telling us we’re doing it wrong. You might be one of billions of people who insist you can’t even begin functioning without a morning coffee, but now we’re being told that chucking down a cup of java fresh from getting out of bed might not be the way to go.


Morning Coffee doing it all wrong


There’s some science to the argument and it’s not all-that hard to grasp either…sort of. Basically, it all comes down to the way our brains are pre-programmed to release a good dose of cortisol – aka the stress control hormone – between 8am and 9am. This is to help us get ready for the day and hopefully get through the morning at least without killing anyone. However, if and when you use the same time period to neck a coffee or two, research shows that not only does the caffeine limit the amount of cortisol your body produces, but also begins to build a stronger tolerance to caffeine too.


So not only are you fighting off your body’s natural stress-busting hormone, you’re making it so you’ll have to drink more of the stuff every time to get the same buzz.


Of course, it’s not all doom and gloom as being told your brain would prefer you didn’t have a coffee for this one hour each day is likely to a) be ignored by 95% of coffee drinkers and b) just encourage others to drink more before and after this apparent magic hour. However, according to the boffins that came up with this particular study, if and when you can persuade yourself to wait until after the brain has done its business with the cortisol, and then have your first coffee of the day, you’ll get so much more benefit from it in a therapeutic sense.


Now, chances are that if the coffee lovers in your life are anything like those we know, we’d be the last in the world to try and wrestle their cups from the grasp at 8am…chances are you’d lose a hand/your life. But still, it’s an interesting theory and one that every last one of us could at least have a crack at for ourselves – even if only on a weekend or day off. Simply go about your normal business and save the first of your five-a-day coffees until your brain has finished doling out the good stuff.


You never know – it might just be worth the wait!