To call Colombia a famed and celebrated coffee producing nation would be something of an understatement. Quite simply, it is a world-leading country in the cultivation and production of some of the most incredible coffees on Earth. Coffees from Colombia are known for their characteristic flavour, acidity and sweetness – all of which are beautifully balanced. Not only this, but coffee is such a crucial part of the history and culture of the country that many key regions where coffee beans are cultivated have been named UNESCO World Heritage sites.


While the coffee that comes out of Colombia can be some of the best in the world, simply originating from this part of The Americas doesn’t automatically guarantee top quality. The reason being that right now, there are countless farms and producers across the country that continue to sacrifice quality processing in favour of yield values. Over recent years and decades, federally funded programs have been introduced across Colombia with the intention of maximising production. As for the producers themselves, many embraced these schemes as opportunities to increase output and revenues accordingly, though at the cost of the quality of the products they produce. More often than not, this manifests in the form of overly-hot drying systems used to dry the beans as quickly as possible, which along with compromising quality can have a negative effect on the shelf life of the beans.


As such, it’s not quite as simple as selecting any random coffee produce in Colombia and being provided with the best in the business. Instead, you need to know exactly who you’re dealing with and how they approach coffee cultivation and production.



In total, somewhere in the region of 12% of all the coffee grown and produced in the world comes from Colombia. In fact, the country is second only to Brazil, where up to 35% of all the coffee in the world comes from. But what makes the 12% that comes from Colombia different is the way in which its quality often outpaces that of anywhere else. Small farms positioned at high altitudes where careful picking and wet processing are carried out with meticulous care result in truly superior products. Some may be erring toward their own take on mass production, but most continue to focus purely on quality.


The experience to expect from a cup of Colombian coffee varies from one producer to the next, though is almost always clean, mild and with a relatively high level of acidity. Complex aromas top off the quintessential sensory experience, telling you in an instant that you’ve come across something truly outstanding.


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