Chances are that quite a lot of people you know drink coffee in a manner that you cannot help turning your nose up at. Some prefer it a little too weak, others at bizarre temperature and then there are those that use the kinds of flavour syrups you simply do not understand.


But what about lemon juice as an added ingredient? Or cheese? Or eggs?



Take cheese in your coffee



As time rolls on, coffee connoisseurs the world over are mixing all manner of weird and wonderful ingredients with coffee – in some cases coming up with surprisingly delicious results…apparently. So while they may come across as borderline bewildering, here’s a quick look at just a few examples of the kinds of coffee concoctions you may be seeing on a menu near you pretty soon:


1. Iced Coffee Lemonade

It doesn’t exactly come across as the most obvious combination, but iced coffee lemonade is proving to be a big hit in the United States. It’s a case of pairing meticulously selected coffee with fresh lemon, to create a decidedly fruity and zingy twist on what you’d normally expect from a cup. Those championing this interesting creation talk of an initial hit of powerful lemon, which gradually fades into a semi-sweet caramel finish and a lingering finish. Sounds good!


2. Coffee Tonic

Not entirely sure of this one – there’s just something about the idea of combining good quality coffee with a tonic water that just doesn’t sound particularly appealing.  As far as those behind it are concerned however, the way the flavour of the coffee blends with the quinine of the tonic water creates something quite compelling. Fizzy, sharp, citrusy and with its own stout-like head, it’s definitely a unique creation and quite impressive to look at.  Still, the idea of casually sitting back and slowly sipping one still seems a little…well, weird!


3. Vietnamese Egg Coffee

By name, this sounds like an absolute nightmare. After all, what on earth could be worse than polluting good quality coffee with egg? In reality however, Vietnamese egg coffee is actually more of a dessert than it is a drink. It has the consistency of a drink, but the flavour profile and richness of a decadent dessert.  Sweetened with condensed milk, egg yolks are added to hot coffee to create a thicker solution that tastes a little like tiramisu flavoured custard. If nothing else…interesting.


4. Nitro Cold Brew

What you’re basically looking at in this one is coffee served up in the same way you expect to be served a pint of Guinness. Nitrogen gas is added to the coffee to give it that characteristic milkshake-like consistency, though without any dairy or additional calories coming into the equation.


5. Coffee with Cheese

Last but not least, this is less of a new concept and more of a long-time tradition in Scandinavian regions. Simply take goat or reindeer milk, make cheese curds and pour hot coffee over them. They partially melt and the rest of the cheese is scooped up and eaten out of the cup when the coffee has been consumed. It sounds nothing short of revolting, but we’re reliably informed that it likewise tastes not dissimilar to tiramisu.