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We are The Smokey Barn, an all female team with a passion for roasting coffee with a story. smokey barn side

The Smokey Barn operates out of our small converted barn on King St, Norwich, where we roast a range of rainforest alliance, fairtrade, organic beans; always small batch and always fresh. Our small team is run by sister duo, (Sophie and Megan Roberts) along with our Cafe Manager and Barista; who are constantly researching the most interesting & bold speciality coffee’s for our customers.

smokey barn coffee origin

We aim to bring passion into every aspect of our business and focus on the side of coffee that really resonates with us. After researching and contacting the farms we buy our coffee from, the Smokey Barn has evolved a passion to focus on the ongoing struggles and unbelievable circumstances that have brought these remote coffee farms to life; the story behind the land, culture and generations of communities who have made their mark on one of the most interesting natural resources of all time!

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Pride in what we do is at the forefront of our product; we are constantly developing flavour profiles to showcase the best that our beans can offer. We know its cheesy to say that “we roast our coffee with love”, but we really do roast all of our beans with nothing but a passion to capture their greatest individual qualities, respecting that all single origins are unique.

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Our converted barn also has a small seating area and cafe where our incredible team work hard to help you find the perfect coffee beans from our diverse roast selection, providing you with the opportunity to try out every roast we do for yourself. we change up our House roast weekly and love to give you the freedom to choose which coffees you would like to try, from Central American to East African. We aim to be inspired globally and sourced locally, so whether you're looking for a new home brew, interested in wholesale enquiries or simply want to relax and watch the world go by with a Cappuccino in hand, pop in and we will be more than happy to help!

The History of Smokey Barn

New team, same legendary coffee – welcome to the Smokey Barn story!

When the two of us (Pete and Maggie) discovered Smokey Barn was up for a change in ownership, to say we were excited is an understatement. The company’s founder, Chris, was moving on to realise other ambitious business plans and we figured if anyone could keep things moving in their right direction, it was us.
We share the same passion for outstanding coffee using only high quality Arabica beans - a passion shared increasingly among coffee lovers. So with a little help from our dog Ronnie, we took the reins in December 2015 and couldn’t be prouder of the brand we’ve helped build.

That's Ronnie…in case you wondered.

A Brief History of Smokey Barn

The Smokey Barn story actually begins way back in 1993, when Chris’ parents opened their first coffee shop. "At 12 years old, I was too young to serve coffee, but when the shop was closed I would go along the bar smelling all the different coffees. I do remember being totally in owe of the many different coffees that were available to customers. The level of detail back then was nowhere near what we know speciality coffee to be today. Back then all we knew was ‘Colombian, Dark Roast’. This is where my coffee journey began." It wasn’t until 2011 that Chris made the decision to ditch the nine-to-five and get into roasting. Which he did…starting out in a pretty humble barn in his back yard which became his first roastery! As for the name…well, let’s just say while Chris did a great job with the coffee, his air ventilation, and extraction efforts were less impressive!

Two years later, Smokey Barn was a firm fixture on Norwich’s King Street and has been wowing coffee connoisseurs ever since.

Celebrating Diversity

We’re real believers in the importance of enjoying the wonderfully diverse flavours the world’s most incredible coffee beans have locked-up inside them. From Africa to the Americas and Asia, we’re proud to bring a taste of so many continents and cultures to our customers. We generally keep to a lighter roast, as we believe the more traditional dark roast tends to overshadow the taste with bitterness, overwhelming what should be a lighter and more refreshing experience.


The end result is a range of coffees which our customers agree are superior and for which they return, time and time again. We’re starting to find demand for our most popular beans outstrips supply before they’ve even arrived – Norfolk’s taste for the good stuff apparently holds no bounds!
We also share the same ethics as Chris - our beans are all sourced from fair trade producers, our wholesalers working hand-in-hand with the farmers from around the world to ensure a fairly-produced end product.

A Warm Welcome

Along with the best coffee beans money can buy, we also promise the warmest welcome and a relaxing atmosphere. We’ve developed Smokey Barn into an inviting and enjoyable café, giving our customers the opportunity to explore and sample the world’s best coffee in a friendly environment. We’re always looking for new and interesting beans to add to our selection, so feel free to drop us a line with any suggestions or recommendations. The two of us (or three if Ronnie shows up!) can’t wait to welcome you at Smokey Barn!
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