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Here at Smokey Barn we view coffee as we would a fine wine, depth of flavour, process and individuality! Every Bean has its own story, hero and unique taste. The road to a perfect cup can be long; and so it should be! Not every roast can be an instant hit, so we ensure that through trial, error, and some complete failures; we finish with what we consider to be the best version of the bean we could possibly create. Pride in what we do is at the forefront of our product, never ashamed to take on our customers views and feedback; we are constantly developing flavour profiles to showcase the best that our beans can offer. So sit back, relax and taste the coffee

- The Smokey Barn Team

Smokey Barn Coffee

Smokey Barn roast the best quality coffee beans. Ask for our coffee at your local coffee shop.

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Roasted Coffee Beans For Filter Coffee, Espresso Coffee And More

Truly exceptional roasted coffee beans

Do you love coffee and do you find yourself spending a lot of time surfing the web looking for the best coffee beans available in the UK market? Don’t worry, we have all your coffee needs covered. You are in the right place and we can supply you the highest quality coffee that you have been search for all along.

Taste the best coffee in the world, Smokey Barn features the best tasting coffee that you will certainly love. You cannot buy coffee beans online and have them delivered at your doorsteps. You need not have to worry about putting yourself through the hassles of visiting countless websites searching for the best coffee in the world because as premium coffee roasters we have exactly what you are looking for. Smokey Barn takes great pride in being the world’s most trusted source for exceptional quality coffee. You can buy espresso beans as well as buy coffee beans for regular coffee here at Smokey Barn. We have an exceptional selection of coffee to suit every palate and taste. Take advantage of our comprehensive range of coffee. We do all the homework required to source the finest quality coffee from across the globe so that you can enjoy delicious coffee, here in UK.

Top notch premium coffee beans from around the world

At Smokey Barn, we simply love everything that is coffee. We are wholesale and retail suppliers of coffee. We put in lots of efforts to source the world’s best coffee so that we could offer our customers with an exceptional coffee experience. To give you that complete coffee experience along with premium quality coffee, we also feature the best coffee makers so that you can have everything that is needed to enjoy the tastiest coffee that best meets your expectations.

We know how challenging it is for customers to source the best coffee in the world and now we remove the struggle out of the whole process of finding top-class coffee. Do not waste your time looking for a better place to source your coffee when Smokey Barn is here to deliver you exceptional coffee.

Smokey Barn not only makes the whole process of sourcing the world’s best coffee easy but we also keep the entire ordering process simple and easy. You will now be able to compare various types of coffee sourced from the world’s most popular coffee destinations sitting right at your home and place your order conveniently in few quick clicks.

Say ‘no’ to substandard coffee that ruins your palate; start your day with the authentic taste of coffee from Smokey Barn. For us at Smokey Barn, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We do not stop with making great promises but we actually deliver on every single promise made and we guarantee 100% satisfaction.

We ship all your orders promptly. We have a highly streamlined order processing system that allows us to deliver top-notch service to our customers. Being premium coffee roasters is highly demanding and we rise up to meeting those demands to ensure that our customers’ needs are met in the most satisfactory way.

So, get yourself some Smokey Barn premium coffee beans, grab your favourite mug and let us take you on a heavenly coffee tasting tour around the world! Don’t just take our word for it, here is a little of what our customers have been saying about our superb roasted coffee beans:

“I can safely say that it made my perfect coffee. It was so smooth and had a delicious flavour. It is honestly the best filter coffee I've ever had! So thanks again” - Laura Gurney - Norwich

Why not visit our online shop and purchase our superb freshly roasted coffee beans right now!

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