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Wholesale Coffee Beans and Espresso Machine Suppliers UK

I strongly reccomend you read this blog article, entitled 'Top 10 tips for choosing a coffee supplier'. It's a little something I wrote to help teach budding cafe owners everything they need to know about the coffee supply trade. It includes some great probing questions you can ask and after reading the article in full, you will have the required knowledge to make a great choice of coffee supplier. 

We roast, label and dispatch all our coffee beans within our Norfolk roastery and we are just a phone call or email away if you have any questions, or specific requirements. Having this direct interaction with your coffee roaster allows you to understand more about the coffee that you are serving. This makes your product more interesting and desirable to the consumer!

We are also the Sanremo Distributor for Norwich & Norfolk. So if you are also looking for a top quality espresso machine setup, we can get you all kitted out. 

Quality Barista Training

Need barista training? - We have a full UK Barista champion spec San Remo Verona TCS espresso machine hooked up at our HQ for any of our wholesale clients to use as part of our free training. Please call 01603 322287 to book a session. We will teach you how to knock your competition out of the water with indepth tuition. Once you've learnt the basics, you can move onto latte art, as demonstrated in this video.

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