Brewing Guides

At Smokey Barn we're all about providing our customers with amazing coffees. We go to extraordinary lengths to bring you fresh premium produce. There's no place here for coffee snobbery, but we do want you to learn the coffee basics and experience some of finest coffees as they were intended. So now it’s over to you...(no pressure).


Hario V60 

There are soo many different ways of using the V60, this version I particularly like.




Probably the most commonly used brewing method. Widley available and inexpensive, the cafetiere is a great introduction to speciality coffee. 







Clever Dripper

The new kid on the block, a great little gadget which I can best describe as a catetiere/filter hybrid.







What I love about the aeropress is that there are soo many variables to experiment with. However my favroite is still the standard one that comes with the instructions on the box. Here it is...