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We source some of the finest coffee beans from around the world and roast in small batches here in Norwich, Norfolk. Our coffee lots are experlty chosen by us from selections of samples sent from many different countries. We base our stock purely on the quality of the taste in the cup, regardless of any certification (fairtrade/orgainic). All coffee beans supplied by Smokey Barn are ethically sourced. We've written a blog topic here which explains more.


Choosing a Roast Colour

We have a reputation for exceptional coffee quality. To achieve this requires a delicate and experienced roast master. We don't do 'dark roast' coffee, it's just not our thing. We prefer to preserve the flavours locked within the beans by roasting between light to medium colour. The photo below illustrates our typical roast colour and below is a brief explination of different roast colours:

Light roasts can be more suited towards brewed and filter coffee. When extracted through the intensity of an espresso machine, the acidic tones can sometimes appear sour or over whelming. The advanced barista can overcome this and extract some amazing flavours using light roast coffees, though probably not ideal for the complete beginner.

Premium roast coffee beans and ground coffee

Medium roasts are a great middle ground. They are much easier to extract and will appeal to a much wider audience. Ideal for any coffee drinks. 

Dark roasts are best suited to the supermarket shelf. They are often a sign of poor quality beans as the flavours have been burnt away. Think of them like burnt toast, overpowering bitterness with very little else to offer.

Blends or Single Origin Roast Coffee Beans?

Single origins contain only one variety of bean and offer an insight into the world of that particular farm or coffee region. There will be a range of different characteristics of a single origin but some of these will suit certain types of coffee drinks better than others. I recommend for those that are interested in experimenting with different coffee’s to try as many single origins as possible.

Blends contain a mixture of two or more single origins to improve the overall taste and aroma characteristics in the cup. A blend can also be a roaster’s flagship product.

We are currently developing our own blends. Our first espresso coffee blend 'Purple Ribbon' has received huge praise from within the coffee industry and was nominated as a finalist in the Caffeine Magazine UK Espresso taste test review. We are currently working on our next lot of blends, so keep an eye on the coffee store for their arrival.

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