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Smokey Barn Coffee Roasters

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Premium Roasted Coffee Beans

Here at Smokey Barn we offer a unique coffee experience that begins in the fields of the coffee plantation. We only source from coffee farms that are fastidious in their efforts to produce high quality lots. Upon arrival at Smokey Barn, our job is not to 'enhance' these green beans, but rather, not ruin them! Every step in our roastery chain is focused towards retaining absolute quality so that you can experience the very best that bean can offer.

We always stock a great selection of coffee beans retail and as a wholesale coffee supplier throughout the year. We won't keep the same products all year round. Seasons change, as do stock levels and global demand for coffee. So if there is a particular coffee you like, make the most of it! Our current selection is focused on Single Origin lots, however we will be adding more coffee blends throughout the seasons. Also, if you are into home roasting, we also sell all our lots as green coffee beans (unroasted).

All our coffee beans come in a heat sealed 250g bag with a 'one way' degassing valve and zip lock for re-sealing. Each coffee also comes with a tasting video which gives even more detailed information about what you can expect in your cup.

Our coffee roastery is open to the public. We have a small retail area where you can buy our fresh roasted beans, equipment and drinks. Feel free to drop in and see the roasting in action. However, please check our current public opening hours and phone ahead if you are travelling especially (sometimes we are busy with training, or other commitments).

“Fairer than Fair Trade” – while we have some Fair Trade certified coffee that we have bought from cooperatives in Bolivia and Costa Rica, most of our coffee is not certified Fair Trade, because the certification requires that you buy coffee from a cooperative and doesn’t allow for buying from an individual farmer. What we do is buy farmer’s best bags of coffee, directly from the farmer, at a higher price than the required minimum Fair Trade price. This rewards farmers for the extra time that it takes them to produce high-quality coffee. Typically, a farmer might sell us their best bags of coffee, and then contribute the other bags to his or her cooperative, which could then be sold as Fair Trade certified coffee. So, farmers that sell to us get highest available prices, and also get rewarded for the extra time they have spent trying to make high quality coffee; something that is not guaranteed by the Fair Trade certification.

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    Sumatra Mandheling

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